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About Sant Odhavram Post on 14-07-13

Udhav got his first Guru at the age of 9, Shanakaranand from Mandvi Takula in Kutch. Udhav learnt Sanskrit and the Vedas from Shankaranand for 6 months and following a life scaring accident in the ashram was returned to Jakhau. Later, Udhav came to Bombay and worked as a gunny bags laborer for 8 years but finally left Bombay dedicating his life for the mankind and for the up-liftment of Kutch and Gujarat.

Odhavram came to Vandhay in Kutchh. Lalram was the Mahant at the Ishwar Ashram, Vandhai. The Vandhai Ashram follows the Harihar parampara. The Harihar Parampara was started by Deva Saheb in Hamla, Kutchh and a few decades later his disciple Ishwarram settled in Vandhai. After Ishwarrm, Lalram took care of the Ashram and after Lalram, Odhavram was declared the Mahant of the Ishwar Ashram.

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